Consulting, Coaching and Development of communication for producers, companies and agencies for the ENGAGEMENT of publics.

Using MAMP (multiplatform multi-audience) method, brainstorming techniques and already consecrated plans in EraTransmidia Association.


The Esconderijo das Crianças is a business tree, bringing 25 years of experience delivering DISTRUPTIVE MEDIA SOLUTIONS and INNOVATIONS to major brands and SMBs. We are committed to results.

Our agents develop strategic consulting, coaching, mentoring, training, technology and new communication processes for startups, government, NGOs and companies. We serve agencies, advertisers and producers in the areas of creative economy with a focus on ENGAGEMENT of audiences, with more than 50 companies attended.
Our hideout business units deliver complete solutions in the INNOVATION PER PERFORMANCE concept, with a high level of interactivity. We are currently working on the production and development of Virtual Reality, Augmented and Mixed Technology, the revistamundo360.com and Choicely.com exclusive online voting platform for Latin America.
We used the Multi-Audience Multi-Platform (MAMP) method, a mixture of brainstorming techniques (Wall Design, Growth Hacking, Design Thinking), planning and management (BMG / Canvas, PMI, Scrum, UML) and pitchings, already enshrined in EraTransmidia Association , Applied in more than 1000 students and 150 companies. Get to know our cases, customer testimonials and solutions portfolio!


01– Training (Organization of Events, Courses, Lectures, Coach)

– Areas of knowledge: Transmedia, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Brainstorming, Systems Architecture, Project Management, Innovation, Digital Media, Perspective in Digital TV, New Media, Engagement, Networks, Communities)


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Exclusive representative in Latin America Choicely. A voting system is the oldest and largest tool of engagement, and more democratic.

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